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The S-Series 10lb Block


The Crystal CLear CB-300 


The B-series 11lb Block


Are you looking to beat the heat with a perfect snow cone? If your tired of buying one block at a time from the local store the S-Series block ice maker will help you move that production a little closer to home.

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Looking to produce our signature Crystal Clear block? Well this is the machine for you. We have a few diffrent options when it comes to this design but if you click below we can guide you threw the options. 

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Have a summer adventure planned but need a little extra chill in your cooler? The B-Series 11lb Block ice maker has been designed to give you the perfect block for all your outdoor adventures


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New to the Industry?

Luckly we have over 50 years of experteise and we are ready to share it with you. 

Head on over to our new friends page and read a little more about the best place to start building your company.

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already have a clinebell?

Check it out! We are here to supply you with any bags, pumps, or parts you might need. To check out our full offering of everything you need to keep the Ice plant up and running click below.

Genuine PartsCB 300 AccessoriesPlastic Bags & Liners

Can’t Quite afford the cost of a new machine? Check here to see if we have any used equipment, or sale items.    Used and Sale