B- Series 11lb Ice Maker 

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The 11Lb Block series produces a consumer ready  block that is perfectly suited for all of your customers cooler adventures. The ease of use of these machines coupled with their superior food safety  assurance makes this the perfect machine.

S- Series Snow Cone Block 

Clinebell Snow Cone Block makers can produce up to 60 blocks of ice per day with the ability to freeze HARD FROZEN blocks of ice in Polyethylene bags. Tired of Buying block to keep your shaved ice stand going? Well then its time to make your own!

CB- Series Carving Block

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The Clinebell Carving Block Maker produces a CRYSTAL CLEAR block of ice for sculptures. A pleasure for the carver to work with and a delightful product for your customer’s end result 

Plastic Bag Products 

We make a range of quality ice bags for our friends in the retail cube industry and those operating our 11lb Series, Snow Cones Series, and CB Series machines.