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Carving Block Maker Mod/Cat

Model CB300X2 Series

  • The Clinebell Carving Block Maker produces a CRYSTAL CLEAR block of ice for sculptures.  A pleasure for the carver to work with and a delightful product for your customer.
  • The blocks of ice are frozen in a plastic liner and placed inside a cardboard box for storage and handling.
  • Each machine will produce two blocks of ice every 3 – 4 days.  The recommended ambient temperature for maximum productivity is 72 degrees F.  (22.2222 degrees C)  (Colder temperatures can cause cracking in the blocks and much warmer temperatures may slow the freezing cycle.)
  • Using the Clinebell Carving Block Hoist & Tilt Cart, two blocks of ice can be removed and the machine refilled within 30 minutes or less, by one person.
  • For special effects, freezing flowers, wedding vows, or just about anything imaginable into the block of ice.
  • Create a colored block of ice by using a food coloring mixture.
  • A stainless steel lifter plate is frozen approximately 1/4″   (.635 cm) into each end of the block to help lift the finished block from the chamber.
  • A pump circulates the water to keep impurities from freezing into the block of ice.  Excess water and impurities are removed from the top of the block prior to harvesting by use of a common wet and dry vacuum. Proper placement of the pump is critical to the clarity of the ice. Each day of the freezing cycle, the position of the pump must be changed for continued ice clarity.

CB300X2 Series Specifications:

  • Cabinet dimensions: 48.5″W x 51.25″D x 42″H  (123.19 x 130.175 x 106.68 cm)
  • Cabinet weight with condensing unit: 590 lbs.  (267.62 kg)
  • Cabinet without condensing unit 520 lbs.  (235.87 kg)
  • Cabinet is constructed of galvanized steel.
  • Circulating pump:  115V/1/60 Domestic
  • Circulating pump:  200V/1/50 (180-220 volts) Export
  • Each chamber holds 40 gallons of water  (151.42 liters)
  • CB300X2D     120 Volt for Domestic use
  • Included with the CB300X2D: One 1/2hp 115 volt condensing unit, 2 circulating pumps, 2 pump mount brackets, 4 lifter plates, 1 block depth checker, 1 lid closer, 1 single point ice pick.
  • CB300X2E     200 Volt (180-220 volts) for Export use
  • Included with the CB300X2E: One 1/2hp 220 volt condensing unit, 2 circulating pumps, 2 pump mount brackets, 4 lifter plates, 1 block depth checker, 1 lid closer, 1 single point ice pick.
  • CB300X2R     Remote Installation
  • Included with the CB300X2R, 2 circulating pumps, 2 pump mount brackets, 4 lifter plates, 1 block depth checker, 1 lid closer, 1 single point ice pick.

Carving Block Ice Maker, Model CB300X2 Series

Your new Carving Block Machine has been carefully packaged for safe shipment. If there is any visible damage to the shipping crate or cabinet, make a notation on the freight bill and file a claim with the carrier.


Leave the back of the machine 6″ (15.24 cm) inches from the wall. When the lid is open, it will lay back against the wall. Plug the cord from the compressor into the appropriate wall outlet. The compressor should now run and cool the plate in the bottom of the machine.


Place a plastic liner in the bottom of one flexible chamber with the open fold upward. The liner should lie so that the corners and sides fit neatly inside of the chamber. Allow approximately 1.5″ (3.81 cm) of the liner to be folded over the top of the chamber, at each end.

Place a lifter plate over the top edge of the chamber, at each end, using the small hook on the backside to hold the liner in place. This lifter plate will be frozen into the block of ice and used to lift the block out of the chamber.

Now the sides of the liner must be secured. Fold the top 1.5″ (3.81 cm) of the liner over the protruding bolts on each side of the chamber, and secure by piercing the plastic. If necessary, straighten the liner at this time so that it conforms to the inside of the chamber. The liner is now in place and is ready to be filled with water. Be careful not to puncture the liner while placing it in the chamber. A lifter plate dropped into the chamber will likely puncture the liner. A liner should be discarded if there’s any possibility of a puncture. With both liners in place, use a hose to fill each chamber to within approximately 3″ (7.62 cm)of the top of the chamber. Secure a submersible pump over the edge of each chamber. Plug the pump into a good 115-volt outlet and bend the pump bracket so that the bottom 1.5″ (3.81 cm) of the pump hangs down into the water. It’s sometimes necessary to tip the pump up and then back down into the water to get rid of air trapped inside, in order to begin the pumping action.

With the condensing unit operating and the pump circulating water, watch for a thin layer of ice to form on the bottom of the liner. This process is called “seeding”. When the seeding process has begun, you will notice white lines running lengthwise of the chamber or you can feel the ice. If after a few minutes, the seeding process has not begun, unplug the circulating pump. The seeding process should begin within a few minutes and the pump should be started immediately. If the block doesn’t seed shortly after the chamber is filled with water, slush will appear, causing a cloudiness in the final product. Now close the lid of the unit and allow it to run for three (3) days. Check the thickness of the ice periodically. Place the “T” shape depth checker across the top of each chamber. When the ice meets the bottom of the vertical “T” section the block is ready to be harvested.


Unplug the circulating pump and hang it over the front edge of the machine, out of the way. Use a self-priming bilge pump to draw the excess water off of the top of the block of ice. A 16-gallon wet and dry vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove this water. Securely attach the lifting bar to the end of the hoist chain. (May also be hung on the forks of a forklift or from the chain of an automotive engine hoist.) Hook the two lifters on the lifting bar onto the lifter plates that were frozen into the block of the ice and lift upwards slightly. Use your hands to push out on all four flexible sides of the chamber to free the block. The bare block of ice should never be directly set on metal or a warm surface. (Refer to our white paper regarding physical and thermal shock of carving block.) Using a multiple point ice pick or saw, remove the high edges on the top of the block, leaving a flat, smooth surface. The block, with the plastic liner still around it, is now ready to be placed in a cardboard box and then into the cooler for storage.

A block of ice left in a hot wind or on a hot surface could crack due to thermal shock. Do not attempt to lift a block of ice from the chamber if it has been allowed to melt. The lifter plates would not be frozen in properly which could result in the block dropping during the lifting process. Do not allow the pumps to run when not submerged in water. If the pump is allowed to freeze into the ice, use an ice pick to remove the ice from around the pump housing, being careful not to distort the pump housing. Allow the pump to warm up and melt any ice that may be inside before attempting to run it again.

Two blocks of ice per unit should freeze within approximately three (3) days depending on the ambient temperature surrounding the condensing unit. More efficient production will be realized if the harvesting is staggered. Fill the second chamber one day after the first one is filled and then harvest the blocks one day apart.

Limited Warranty on March Circulating Pump Model IU-MD

All models are standard in 115 volt, 60 cycle, 1 phase A.C. The motors are C.S.A. approved and the pumps are U.L. recognized under the component program. We rely on the liquid being pumped to lubricate the Impeller-Magnet Assembly spinning on the stationary spindle. If the pump is run dry for longer than 30 minutes the plastic may “freeze” onto the spindle. This pump is guaranteed against defective workmanship or material for a period of one year from date of manufacture. Clinebell Equipment Company will warrant the pump for one year from the date of purchase. Warranty is void if the pump is connected to wrong voltage or if otherwise abused. All pumps must be shipped to Clinebell Equipment Company, freight prepaid.

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