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The CB-300 Series 

Find the manual Here CB-300 Manual

Find  Cut sheet Here CB-300 Cut Sheet


Hoist Cut Sheet
Tilt Cart Cut Sheet

The S-Series  

Find the S-35 manual here. S-35 Manual

Find the S-35 cut sheet here S-35 Cut Sheet


Find the S-60 Manual here S-60 Manual

FInd the S-60 Cutsheet here S-60 Cut Sheet

Find the S-60 Install guide here S-60 Install Guide

The B-Series  

Find the B-56 Manual here B-56 Manual

FInd the B-56 Cutsheet here B-56 Cut Sheet

Find the B-56 Install guide here  B-56 Install Guide


Find the B-30 manual here B-30 Manual

Find the B-30 cut sheet here B-30 Cut Sheet


Price List

Warranty Information


Please note we no longer offer either of the Shavers (Power, or manual)
this information is for existing owners, or anyone purchasing those units used.