S-21 Block Ice Maker



The New S-21 machine maintains all the base functions of the S-35; one of the snow cone industries top block freezers, while removing a lot of the barriers that kept some operators freezing with molds and chest freezers. The smaller footprint allows the machine to fit through a standard man door, meaning no more removing windows and walls to install. It also features 115V operating power, so no need to hire and electrician to run a new circuit.

Voltage: 115V
Construction material:  Galvanized steel
Hours to complete cycle: 18-20 hrs. 
Block produced per cycle: 21

Block dimensions: 5.5″ W x 5.5″ D x 10″ H
Block weight (per): 10 lbs.

Prices are subject to fluctuate we ask that customers reach out to ask questions and receive a quote when considering purchasing a machine. orders may be placed with our staff. contact info is available at the contact us tab.  

**This Video Shows the operation of the S-35 concept is similar***